Official Prize Tournaments at The Wizards Duel Every Week! Register in person at time of event. Events last 2.5-4 hours
Please arrive 5-30mins early to sign up. Thank you. Participants must provide Real Name, and Card Game Id when necessary, and have a general understanding of game rules. All attendants, Participants and Non-Participants are expected to follow Good Sportsmanship and behave accordingly. Knowledgeable Staff, Tournament Organizers and Judges are available to aid and assist in your journey to becoming a Master.

magic the gathering

Wednesday Commander Format at 4pm
$5.00 participation

Sunday Booster Drafts at 2pm
$15.00 participation

Sign up using the Magic Companion App for bonus prizes!

Official WPN Prereleases and More!

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Yugioh TCG

$5.00 Yugioh Official OTS Tournaments
Advanced Constructed 
          4pm       Wednesdays
          4pm       Thursdays
          4pm       Fridays
1pm+4pm       Saturdays
1pm+4pm       Sundays

Receive an Official Tournament Pack just for signing up!
Additional Prizes for top winners!

Official Prereleases and Back-to-Duel Events!

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Dragon ball Super CCG

$5.00 Wednesdays at 4pm
$5.00 Saturdays at 2pm

Official Store Championships and Prerelease events!

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Digimon CCG

$5.00 Sundays at 4pm

Official Store Championships and Prerelease events!

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